February 27, 2012

Package from Sephora.

I got a package that I have been super eager about receiving! It came to me last week so I am about a week into using it, so expect a review of the product(s) very soon. Ben ordered this for me as a belated Valentines Day gift which is just too sweet :) I've been really wanting to try the Vitamin E line out ever since I watched Essie Button's videos where she raves about this line constantly, so when Ben was asking me what I may have wanted for V-Day, this immediately popped into my head and I began doing my research on it.. I ended up ordering from Sephora versus The Body Shop and got some nice samplers with it! I must head off to work now, but I just wanted to share what I got! Thanks again Ben! <3


  1. it looks like you got many cool things;)

  2. I love that night cream, it's really great :)