February 28, 2012

A forest bird never wants a cage.

Outfit Details:
cardigan target
striped top h&m
gray skinny jeans pacsun
satchel aldo
necklace target
flats pacsun
belt h&m

Highlight of my day (yesterday) - finding this old pair of skinny jeans tucked away at the very bottom of my jeans drawer that I bought my freshmen year of high school, never having been able to fit into them before (low rise but the waist does not give) Decided to put them on for shits and giggles, only to discover they fit! Finally! They're a bit wrinkly, but they had to be worn anyways in celebration of the happy occasion. Caitlin 1 Jeans 0.
I think I am going to shoot majority of my pictures in this location from now on, it's technically on my neighbors property, but the area where I climb over the stone wall and down the bank is out of sight from their house, so I should be good as long as they don't decide to take a stroll one sunny afternoon.. Talk about awkward, especially considering these are neighbors who I've never met/spoken to before. Lets hope they're nice because the newest location of my pictures depends on it!
Anyways, I just worked a long 8 hour day today, the stores grand opening (Kohls) is a mere 8 days from now, so everyone was running around the store looking like chickens with their heads cut off. Fortunately for me, it meant the day flew right by me and my 8 hour shift felt more like mere minutes.. So thats good I guess! But now I must run to Fed Ex with my Benjamin to help him do some work for his company, which means we'll be here for probably the next two or three hours.. le sigh.. BUT, he is rewarding me by taking me to my favorite place to grab some awesome mexican, so there's a silver lining there! Unfortunately though, I have a feeling I am going to be in zombie mode within the hour, which sucks considering I have another 8 hour day ahead of me tomorrow and I'm stuck here at Fed Ex helping him.. Pray for me here people! I've got a busy day/night and another day/night ahead of me.. I'm already looking forward to Thursday which is my day off so I can sleep til 2pm just like the good 'ol days.. ahh...


  1. Love your satchel! :) It's cute. Pray for you and, do take care of yourself.

  2. Simple but chic:)

  3. Great look, love the striped shirt!!! Come see my blog :)


    xo Emma